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We promised to take care… and we delivered

  • “I chose FMS after careful and long research for a dental hospital fully equipped to carry all the dental surgical needs for patients.The dental surgeons are very caring, on my arrival they discussed with me all the possible options. My experience has been very positive. They promised and they delivered. I have now received the smile I always wanted. Thank you very much……… FMS” doha-1-FMS-Dental Clinic

    Ms. Doha, Sydney Australia
  • Now I’ve got my tooth back, I can eat anything I like again.  I would recommend FMS DENTAL Implant Centre to anyone with a missing or failing tooth – they’re amazing....

    Ligaya-Ignacio-Rafael-FMS-Dental Clinic

    Ligaya Ignacio Rafael, ICELAND
  •   The first thing that anyone, who goes here notices, is the ambiance is unlike most clinics. This one soothes you rather than making you feel anxious or apprehensive.The root canal, surprisingly was the most painless I have had. Very professional and transparent approach with complete cost estimate. (Guess....learnt from past mistakes)

    image-FMS-Dental Clinic

    Mr. Andrew, United Kingdom
  •   I have been accommodated immediately in a very short notice. My experience has been breath taking to say the least. It was not like a one man show, it was team work that impressed me a lot. The Dental Implant process wasn’t painful at all. The professionalism, quality and team work have been just amazing. I have got temporary crowns on my lower front Implants. Will visit soon for the permanents.Mr.-Sammy-FMS-Dental Clinic
    Mr. SAMMY KILONZO, Kenya
  • “Hello… my name is Dan D’Jacamo and I am in here in Hyderabad from New York & I needed some dental work done, thought to combine with a little tour of India. So that’s how is a good way to get your dental work done I suppose.

    I came to Dr. Paul and Dr. Shailaja, they did an evaluation on the work I needed in my mouth. It turns out I needed an Implant and I know an Implant doesn’t happen fast. But, I must say I was very happy with the work and treatment that I got. It was excellent; I was treated very well and with very minimal pain. I am happy with the work and the result, still waiting for the final crown but we have to wait for the graft to heal. Overall I would recommend Dr. Paul and Dr. Shailaja.  Hyderabad-India-FMS-DENTAL-Dan-DJacamo
    Dan D'Jacamo New York, USA
  • “I previously had a very bad dental experience 10 years ago to point where I was making my own temporaries... Now, I looked all over the world except USA as it was too expensive. I chose FMS, India with loads of research over the internet...

    In India, I visited 3 dentists in person and based on the interviews with them I chose FMS. I was very impressed with their equipment, expertise & sincerity. They were professional, the hygiene was extremely clean... I got 3 implants, few root canals, several crowns, bone grafting... what not! They did a phenomenal work. They had a CBCT scan which no other dentist had, also they had their own lab. I was taken care very well. I would really thank Dr. PP, Dr. Shailaja Reddy, Dr. Paul, Dr. Kavya and all the staff” 

    Mr. Ilmar Saar Miami, Florida, USA
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