Root Canal Treatment

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  • Root canal treatment is the most preferred treatment to retain the natural tooth against conditions like tooth decay, tooth decay leading to pain, fracture or cracks in the tooth.
  • At FMS we focus on providing Root canal treatment to the patient utilizing latest techniques of rotary Endodontics thereby reducing clinical procedure time. The procedures usually take 30-35 minutes and can be completed in one or two visits depending upon the condition of the tooth.
  • The treatment is done under Local anaesthesia which makes it a painless procedure.
  • We at FMS also practice digital record keeping which further ensures higher quality and safer care for the patient.
root canal treatment
Treatment INR USD EURO
Root Canal Treatment (X Smart – ProTaper system) 7,500 – 10,500 101 – 141 87 – 121
Root Canal Treatment (LASER assisted) 8,500 – 11,500 114 – 155 98 – 132

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LASER assisted root canal treatment