Minor Orthodontics, invisible braces

Minor tooth movement combined with other cosmetic dental procedures can make a dramatic

difference in the overall look of your smile.


Minor tooth movement is a limited orthodontic procedure to correct crooked, poorly positioned or misaligned

teeth. Relatively simple movements of one or more teeth can result in a significant cosmetic transformation, since

it only takes a few crooked teeth or a noticeable space to spoil the look of what would otherwise be an attractive



Minor tooth movement takes months, not years, as the problematic teeth usually do not need to be moved more than a millimeter or

two. In general, it is performed in adult mouths and involves only the front teeth. Correct alignment of the front teeth also prevents

them from overlapping further and insures against future drifting, which can cause all of the teeth to shift.


Minor tooth movement costs far less than a full mouth cosmetic treatment, it

takes much lesser time than a full-fledge orthodontic treatment and can give

you that Wow smile!

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