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Benefits of CBCT scan

Benefits of CBCT scan include 90% less radiation exposure & zero discomfort. FMS DENTAL uses CBCT scan for all guided surgeries like Dental Implants etc. Two dimensional radiographs like periapical and panoramic radiographs have always been used extensively since the past 25 years. 2D x-rays have few problems like low-definition images, distortion and superimposition resulting […]

Benefits of LANAP Treatment for Gum Disease

LANAP: Healing Touch of Lasers on Diseased Gums Have you ever been embarrassed by your bad breath? Do you have bleeding while brushing teeth or have a faintly loose tooth? You may be having diseased gums that need immediate attention before it worsens. Gum surgery is the solution but did you ever imagine that it […]

Tilted vs Straight Dental Implants

One question that has been repeatedly asked every day by our patients is “How many implants do you want to place in my edentulous jaw to replace the missing teeth; isn’t just 4 enough?” To answer this, we need a clinical examination and a CBCT scan to assess the available bone. Sometimes virtual digital planning […]

Oral Cancer Screening

Vizilite PRO: Prevention Now Possible Through Quick Screening FMS Dental takes pride in promoting health and wellness through holistic approach by not only treating dental problems and designing your smile but also preserving the integrity of your body as a whole through early detection of any abnormal activity of cells inside the mouth. Oral cancer […]

In house CAD CAM Dental Lab

FMS in-house CAD CAM Dental Lab: Where Creativity Meets Quality It’s a well-known fact that dentistry can reach the pinnacle of perfection only through the exuberant teamwork of expert dentists and dental technicians along with a well-equipped dental laboratory. You might not be aware that only few dental clinics have their own in-house CAD CAM […]

Hollywood Smile

New Year 2019 Special: Time to Spruce up Your Smile in Hollywood Style A popular quote says- “If you want to have the best YEAR ever, you have to first plan to have the best MONTH ever the year before.” The New Year is round the corner…. So, how about transforming your smile to the […]

Best Dentist in Hyderabad

FMS Dental Hospital functions through a dedicated team of Best Dentist in Hyderabad consisting of Prosthodontists, Periodontists, Endodontists, Orthodontists, Oral Medicine, Pediatric dentists and Radiology specialists, Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons, Oral Pathologists, Public Health Dentists and General Dentists who have decades of clinical experience and excel in academic and research arena. Most of them have […]

Gummy Smile Correction: When Surgery is the ONLY Option

Does your smile look like- Less Teeth, More gums? If yes, then you may be having a gummy smile. An aesthetically appealing smile is possible only if the gums are healthy and the gum display is in proportion and harmony with the shape, dimension, color and position of the teeth. Undue display of gums during […]

What can be done for Gummy smile?

Gummy smile? Do you feel that your gums are the first thing people notice when you smile? Does your smile reveal more of gums than teeth? You may be having a Gummy smile, the term used to describe the smile of a person when the gums are displayed more than usual. When the distance between […]

Benefits of Invisible Braces

TOP 6 BENEFITS OF INVISIBLE BRACES Invisible braces have surely emerged as the Next Gen innovation and have already transformed the smiles of over 2 million people globally. They are useful in fixing a wide range of teeth alignment issues. Getting your teeth straightened is one thing, and doing it in STYLE is another! Celebrities […]