Enamel Tooth Recontouring

All of us desire a beautiful smile. In fact many of us go through extensive dental treatments to achieve that. But sometimes small corrections in the teeth can bring about a sea of change. This is possible by just shaping teeth, also known as enamel shaping or recontouring. This is the simplest and instant treatment available in cosmetic dentistry. In a single session the cosmetic dentist can correct slightly chipped, cracked and overlapped teeth thus avoiding expensive dental treatments.

Those of you who are interested in immediate and visible changes to your smile in the least invasive way possible, enamel recontouring may be the answer for you. Please consult your cosmetic dentist at FMS for your smile analysis.

Few clinical cases

Tooth recontouring can only correct minor irregularities such as

Tooth Reshaping Procedure

During the tooth reshaping procedure, the cosmetic dentist will remove small amounts of tooth enamel only (the outermost layer of the tooth), where ever necessary. Before any reshaping is done, your cosmetic dentist at FMS will create a guide for your enamel recontouring by marking your teeth where corrections will be made. Once your enamel recontouring is mapped out, your cosmetic dentist will gradually reshape the surface enamel. After reshaping it is important to polish the teeth. Enamel recontouring is generally performed in one office visit. Since the procedure is painless, it does not require the use of anesthesia.

Limitations of tooth reshaping


  • Tooth recontouring is not a substitute for dental veneers or tooth bonding.
  • Crowded teeth will need orthodontic braces, only minor problems can be treated by teeth shaping.
  • If the tooth has a relatively thin layer of enamel, or if the dental pulp is too close to the surface, tooth recontouring may not be possible.
  • The enamel loss during teeth shaping is permanent and irreversible, so the dentist must have carefully discuss the effects of the re-contouring with the patient before the treatment.


Althogh enamel shaping is a relatively simple procedure, tooth contouring performed by an experienced cosmetic dentist may provide a significant improvement in the look of your smile.


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